How To Make A Great Impression During Interviews

As soon as you meet someone, they form an immediate impression of you. During an interview, you will do well if you quickly catch the interviewer’s attention and make them feel comfortable and like you. It is obvious that skills are important, but people also value a person’s personality, looks, and actions. In the corporate world, people tend to be buttoned-up and traditional. Wearing a sharp, tailored suit will be the norm when interviewing for a job at an investment bank. It is acceptable to wear more casual attire at a startup tech company. It is important for managers to feel comfortable with the person they are working with. Supervisors want to like and trust you because they will work closely with you. There are several things you can do to gain their interest in the game. You can make a Great Impression During Interviews by following these tips.

Identify The Interviewers And The Company

Knowing key facts about the company you’re interviewing with will help you feel more confident during the interview. The company’s website, social media posts, and recent press releases will help you understand the company’s goals and how your background make a great impression during interviews you are a great match.

Prepare Answers To Common Interview Questions

Answer the following common question: “Tell me about yourself, and why are you interested in this position?” It’s your elevator pitch to describe yourself and what value you can bring to the company. Check out our guide to answering the Top Interview Questions.

It is a good idea to come prepared to discuss your salary expectations. Visit Indeed’s Salary Calculator for a free, customized pay range based on your location, industry, and experience if you’re unsure what salary to ask for.

Answer The Questions Honestly

Interviewers find honesty refreshing and respectable, even if it can seem tempting to embellish your skills and accomplishments. Make sure you emphasize your key strengths and why you are uniquely qualified for the position.

Answer Questions Using The Star Method

During the interview, you will be asked about times when you have used a particular skill. You can use the STAR method to tell stories with a clear Situation, Task, Action, and Result.

Make A Reference List

You may be required to submit references before or after your interview. By preparing a reference list ahead of time, you can quickly complete this hiring process step.

Make Sure You Have Examples Of Your Work Ready

Your interviewer may ask you about specific work you’ve completed related to the position. When reviewing the job description, think about the work you’ve done in your past jobs, clubs or volunteer positions that demonstrate your experience and success.

Day Of Interview

Practising these tips can help you succeed on interview day after you’ve spent time preparing:

Make Your Interview Outfit The Night Before

Ask the recruiter about the dress code at the workplace before the interview, so you can choose your outfit accordingly. If there isn’t someone you can ask, do your research on the company to find out what is appropriate.

A Notebook, A Pen, And Copies Of Your Resume Should Be Brought

Ensure that you have five copies of your printed resume on clean paper in case there are multiple interviewers. Your copy should include specific accomplishments that you can easily refer to. Make sure you bring a pen and a small notebook. Keep notes, but do not use an electronic device like a smartphone. In your thank-you notes, A great impression during interviews to include this information so it can be referred to later. Try to maintain eye contact as much as possible.

Make Sure You Arrive 10 To 15 Minutes Early

Plan your route to the interview location so you can arrive on time. Practice runs are a good idea. Consider a backup plan if you’re taking public transportation.

Create A Positive First Impression

Take care of the little things, like shining your shoes, trimming your nails, and ensuring your clothes are free of holes, stains, pet fur, and loose threads. And remember to smile.

Respect Everyone You Meet

Staff at the front desk, in the parking lot, on the road, and at the security desk are included in this category. A great impression during interviews everyone feels like the hiring manager, even if you do not know them. You might be asked for their feedback even if they aren’t.

Make Sure Your Body Language And Manners Are Good

From the moment you enter the building, practice confident, accessible body language. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly before the interview to manage anxiety and encourage self-confidence. Smile and maintain eye contact.

You Can Win Them Over By Being Authentic And Positive

Employers can easily relate to you if you are genuine during interview conversations. Maintaining a positive attitude and smiling can help keep the interview light and positive.

Focus On Being Concise And Focused In Your Answers

The time you have with each interviewer is limited, so be careful not to ramble. Preparing your answers beforehand can help you stay focused.

Take A Second Look At The Job Description

You may want to print it out and underline specific skills the employer is seeking. Consider work you have done in the past or currently that aligns with these requirements.

Describe Your Skills And Accomplishments In Your Answers

You must tie your experience to the job whenever you answer a question by providing examples. Address the requirements listed in the job description whenever possible.


When you speak with each person during the interview process, ask for their business card so that you can follow up individually with a thank you email. In cases where you interviewed in the morning, send follow-up emails the same day. In the case of an afternoon interview, the next morning is fine. Using the notes you took during the conversations, ensure that each email is distinct from the others.