Hiring Your First Employee

Hiring Your First Employee

Making the choice to make the first hire is a crucial decision for any company. It can be difficult to figure out where to start. Although you may be eager to start your new job, it’s essential to concentrate on making sure that you get your hiring your first employee process done correctly.

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In the end, a poor selection could have a devastating impact on your business. You must avoid this at every opportunity. Here, we guide you through our step by step guide for making your first hire and identifying the top talent for your company.

Write a clear job description

Once you’ve decided what you’re looking for in your initial employee, now it’s time to create your job description. A job description, also known as an advertisement for the job, must clearly state who you are, what the job’s requirements are as well as the qualifications and credentials you’ll require.

To arrange this, start by defining a solid job title. The title should describe the job and is kept as simple as possible. You are able to decide if you’d like to include information about your salary in your advertisement. This could be an approximate figure or a bracket of salary or, if you aren’t interested in revealing the amount, you don’t have to.

 Include information about your company

After that you can write your principal description. In the first paragraph you could include information about your company.

Then, write down the principal roles and responsibilities your position will have and then bullet point the duties and responsibilities for greater clarity. List the abilities and experience you’re searching for in the same manner and then bullet point your requirements.

Take a look at the skills you’ll need

In the beginning, you must consider the qualifications you require. The person you choose to hire will likely be an all-rounder — one who is the master of all trades you require.

As an example, you may require someone to manage your marketing and sales while also balancing some administrative tasks. It could be that you require someone to help with the financial aspect of your company, however, they can also assist with HR tasks.

Once you’ve identified the abilities you require to propel your business forward, you must decide whether you’d prefer someone who is part-time or full-time. Also, think about how much you’re able to afford them. Keep in mind that they must be affordable.

Promote your business on the appropriate platforms

It’s crucial to ensure that you’re using appropriate platforms to promote your job and make sure you’re in front of the most qualified potential candidates. Job boards are your ideal partner for this. They provide a vast selection of candidates and candidates can directly contact you.

Through sites like Onpoint Recruiting, you can find out the top candidates for your needs. This is especially useful when you’re looking to hire your first employee or several jobs at the same time.

Then, why not let people know about your upcoming job opening through social media. Utilizing sites like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook can connect with a variety of prospective applicants.

Shortlist Resumes, CVs, and applications

Once you’ve created an intriguing job ad and put it out in the proper places, you’ll probably have a plethora of applications to sort through. It’s time to build your shortlist. This involves weeding out those that do not meet your needs and deciding which is the best fit for your business.

However, before you begin with this, you should determine what your primary and best criteria should be for the first employee you hire. Although it is beneficial to have an experienced worker, you must remember that soft abilities like dedication, motivation, and enthusiasm are all crucial qualities you look for in a hard-working hiring your first employee.

If you’re in a situation that you’re overwhelmed by wonderful candidates to pick from, make sure that you don’t go overboard. Interviews can take a long time. Therefore, be realistic and reduce the list to the most effective of the best.

Do great interviews

It’s not a secret that interviews can be stressful for applicants. As the interviewer, you may feel anxious as well. Particularly if this is your first interview experience. It is important to prepare so make sure to be sure to think through the questions you’ll be asking candidates.

Beware of cliches that don’t provide any information about the candidate like ‘if you were a person of color what would you be?’. Instead you should ask questions such as “what is most appealing to you about this job?’ or ‘what skills you would like to grow in and why? These types of questions will assist you in determining the candidate’s most important goals and strengths.

For your own assistance, make an inventory of the abilities and traits you’re seeking. This lets you quickly jot down your thoughts during the interview . It also allows you to take note of the applicant. Also, make sure you have their CV on hand to write notes on!


Choose your preferred candidate

Now is the time to choose who’s the ideal choice for your business and you. It can be a challenge when you’re caught between two candidates who have excellent potential, you have to consider everything you want to consider regarding your first hiring your first employee. You must ensure that they’re aligned with the goals of your business and believe in your gut intuition.

After you’ve made your decision, present them with an offer they won’t turn down. Make sure to emphasize the benefits of working at an early-stage company as well as the opportunities for advancement and possibility of gaining hands-on experiences are essential.

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Meet the legal requirements

You’ve officially been hired as a new employee Congratulations. However, there are some legal steps you must follow first. It is essential to offer a safe and secure working environment and offer employees holidays along with a pension scheme and a minimum wage. Remember, it’s your responsibility to make sure your employee is legally entitled to work. permission to legally work within Canada.


Follow these guidelines to ensure that you have a smooth process when you are recruiting the first new employee. Although it isn’t an easy process, it’s rewarding when you discover a fantastic new employee to join your business.