Prevent Burning Out Employees And Maintained Your Productivity

Prevent Burning Out Employees And Maintained Your Productivity

The productivity of employees is essential for a business’s success and this is no more crucial than when working in the SME business.

Operating and overhead expenses for the day make it necessary for employees to be able to produce output to warrant not just their pay, but also their time and space they take up in their office. It’s no wonder that a study revealed that last year that 65 percent of SME owners claimed that their company’s productivity, or lack thereof, keeps them awake at night.

One of the main causes of loss of productivity at the office is because of employees “burnout” , a term that was recently added to the WHO’s global classification of illnesses. The WHO defines burnout in the workplace as a condition resulting due to chronic stress at work that’s not properly managed that is characterized by exhaustion-related feelings as well as a decrease in anxiety levels, a feeling of being disconnected from work and a decrease in professional performance.

If you’re worried about the efficiency of your employees or trying to improve it there are some ways you can employ to prevent burning out employees and maintain your productivity at the highest level.

Give Your Employees What They’re Worth

It’s tempting to think you’re saving money by giving employees less than their pay, but this could result in a negative impact.

It’s extremely worst, when employees look at those who are in the same position but earning higher salaries at different businesses. Furthermore, financial stress can lead to burnout among employees as well as employees losing sleep and coming to work demotivated, exhausted, stressed, and more susceptible to making errors.

Insufficient spending money, employees are limited in what they are able to do in their spare time, which can affect the all-important balance of work and family. Giving your employees this extra money can help you save thousands in the long time.

Provide Positive Feedback, And Motivate Them

If employees are continually being criticized for their mistakes, and are not acknowledged for their good job, it could leave them feeling demotivated and less inclined to work hard to do the best they can.

Simple behavioral psychology says that if someone performs something right and you affirm the action verbally, they’re more likely to repeat the act. One of the most significant communication problems that hinder effective leadership. 63 percent of respondents used it as the result of poor management.

This is the simplest and cheapest method to increase SME productivity. Train managers to recognize employees’ hard work.

Consider Investing In Office Space When You Can

It’s common knowledge that working in a workplace has a massive physical and mental influence on workers. As a small- and medium-sized business It’s unlikely to build offices that look like Google or Amazon regardless of how much you’d prefer replacing your steps with slides.

There are numerous cost-effective methods to increase the efficiency of the working environment of your employees.

A fresh coat of paint can make a big difference however, you must choose your paint colors carefully. For instance, white can reflect sunlight and make spaces appear light and airy, while darker colors can make your work space feel cramped and uninviting.

The plants have been proven to enhance people’s mood and the indoor air quality. A study has found the connection between productivity and plants and suggested as high as 15 percent increase in productivity.

If you have the resources you can create a flexible workspace for your employees, such as a couch seating space and standing desks. Giving employees the opportunity to escape from their desks can make them feel more relaxed, and increase productivity.

In addition, offering quality coffee, tea, and even the occasional sweet treat could help in making employees productive and happy, at the least cost to yourself.

Offer Employee Perks

The 9-5 is set to become an outdated notion. One of the most popular benefits is flexible working for employees. Employees love the opportunity to enjoy an extra hour in bed at certain times or to leave earlier in order to catch a low-cost off-peak train during other days.

Giving employees a little bit of autonomy like this can go far in increasing SME productivity since it encourages a healthier life balance, and thus lower the risk of burnout.

In the same way, if you are in an industry that is not naturally hectic, offering the opportunity to take time off in lieu could aid employees in navigating these periods without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of work that is placed on their plates.

In the end, some prevent burning out employees and maintained your productivity prefer relaxing at home dressed in their best clothes, and working from home is a fantastic incentive to give them.

This can increase job satisfaction, efficiency or even cause a problem in the event that employees must decide whether they want to remain with your business or leave.

Outsource correctly

It’s not always the best choice for business. The difficulty to find, commissioning and paying freelancers and other companies can eat away at the margins of your profits. Sometimes, it’s better to do things in-house.

However, there are some tasks you can outsource to ensure that you’re not taking up employee time. For instance, when it comes to conducting the employee DBS background checks, utilizing the DBS checking service could help you save time and effort doing the application manually for background checks.

Utilizing services that are intuitive like this one designed to simplify your life could be the key to improving SME productivity.

Think About A Shorter Working Day Or An Earlier Finish On The Friday

The idea of requiring a longer work week than the average national week might appear to boost SME performance.

In real life, employees who work too much might result in the opposite. A study found longer hours actually result in a decline in overall output. The reason for this is fatigue, stress, and the associated effects of working too much and sleep lack. In the end, excessive work leads to burnout among employees.

The signs of burnout are employees who are tired or being angry and snappy and having a poor focus and a decrease in productivity at work and also results in the use of more sick days.

In addition, the work created may be of lower quality or have mistakes, which can negatively impact your image and the relationship with your customers.

Making it a point to work a shorter week and allowing your employees to go home early on Fridays is a great solution to prevent burning out employees and maintained your Productivity

Do Team Building Exercises

Workplace rifts can be a drag and lead to an absence of communication as well as simmering resentments and gossip can lead to a toxic work atmosphere.

Work environments that are toxic can cause more sick days, low motivation, poor communication and a high rate of turnover All of which affects productivity at the office. A lunch break for employees or even putting money down to buy drinks for the staff or for amusements like mini-golf will improve the morale of your team, boost cohesion and thus productivity.

Integrate Productivity Tools into Your Work

It is a waste of time when there are no easy methods of logging and tracking the progress of work.

A variety of SME productivity tools allow you to see every task in a concise and easily accessible format. They can help managers track employees’ activities and much more. Tools for communication enable teams to communicate with each other in a simple, organized method, and avoid details and tasks from getting lost in an email inbox that is crowded.

Continuously consider streamlining the management processes within your company and also what technologies are available to help you. Anything that helps employees save time and helps tasks be simpler to manage will boost productivity.


The goal of improving employee productivity is taking care of employees’ wellbeing by making sure they’re as satisfied as they can in their work routines or work-life equilibrium, which will result in them being more productive. Also, it’s about working to reduce employee burnout by giving them the tools needed to utilize their time as efficiently as they can.