Why I am Not Satisfied With My Job?

If you’re seeing patterns when it comes to your job satisfaction, you need to investigate the reason. There have been a few jobs in your career. While you may like all of them in the beginning slowly, but surely you find yourself at the same place which is to hate it.

After a couple of months or years, you’ll feel the “I’m not happy at my job” feeling. Your job is making you unhappy So you leave and start a new one. As if by magic, at every new job you take on and you’ll end up having the same issues and feelings every time.

Relationship with your colleagues

Perhaps you have a difficult relationship with your colleagues. Maybe you believe that your boss is a smug micromanager. Perhaps it’s that the mere idea of going to work and checking your email makes getting up every morning seem like an act of strength that is beyond human comprehension.

What’s up? How come you can’t seem to be satisfied with a job for more than an entire year or so? You wouldn’t believe it, but this is a common occurrence for a lot of people. It’s normal to feel bored when we’re working and have seen the old saying that the grass is always greener on the opposite side.
What do you have to do? Don’t be afraid yet. Instead, it’s time to do some reflection on yourself.

You’re the common denominator in all the jobs you’ve held.

Let’s begin with a job advice reality check. Although it’s easy to believe that your bad, shoddy employers are the primary cause of your job angst. Have you ever thought to turn the spotlight on you? Could the issue be yourself?

To be completely sincere, Yes. It’s likely that you’re struggling to find satisfaction at work due to the fact that you’re not sure what exactly you’re looking for. It’s a lot of work to feel fulfilled or satisfied in the absence of knowing what you’re really trying to find.

This blind spot can cause you to search for jobs that look similar to your current job, with the hope that a different setting will transform how you feel about the job. However, it’s a sure bet that does not work either.

This doesn’t mean that you’re doing anything “wrong,” but it could mean that something isn’t right. Therefore, even though you may be tempted to continually shift blame onto every external factor which could be the cause of your frustration, it’s essential to look at your own thoughts. We have a lot better control on our happiness than we realize.

Moving Forward

Understanding the problem will help you determine the solution.
After you’ve taken the harsh reality pill now, what’s next? How do you get your life back on track with a method that’s beneficial and productive instead of moving from a job that’s not your favorite to a job that’s not your favorite?

Create a List

Find out more about the things you’re good at and would not like to see for your next job.
The first thing to do is to gain clarity about what’s making you feel so miserable each time. What is it that you are not getting? What are you looking for?

Create a two-column checklist to help you narrow your search. In the first column, write down the benefits – these are the things you’re seeking in your new job or new employer. If it’s been some years since you’ve contemplated this, it’s possible your field, your expertise as well as your situation have changed.

Maybe you’d like to have a completely different range of duties. Perhaps you’re looking for a flexible work schedule. There’s no limit to what you can do. Note everything you believe would bring you joy with your work.

Write Down The Negatives

write down the negatives — or things you would not want to see to be in your next job. Perhaps you are unhappy with the management style of your boss. Perhaps, you’d like to leave your field. Whatever the case, you should list the things you want to do within this section.

\After you’ve selected your options, the most important thing to look at is to determine if there’s any opportunities within your current workplace which could be more suitable. It might be inside your company or in other places.

If you’re in a good relationship with your boss It could be beneficial to engage in a discussion with them and ask whether they have suggestions or contacts you should speak to within the company. In the event that they don’t, it could be beneficial to reach out to someone in the department of recruiting.

If you’re not sure if those are viable options, you have a checklist that will aid you in evaluating new opportunities that arise. This criterion can be used to make sure you don’t find yourself in a similar situation.

Seek Outside Fulfillment

What you do on the time you’re not working can impact your attitude while at work.
There’s no doubt that your work is the majority of your daily life. The majority of people commit a minimum of 40 hours each week to their work and interact with coworkers more frequently than family and friends.
If you’re constantly caught in a circle of feeling unhappy about your work, it could be time to try to find happiness beyond the walls of your workplace (or the endless video calls on your laptop screen). Find a passion or hobby that you are passionate about or begin an additional business that makes use of certain skills that you believe aren’t being utilized. Make every effort to feel satisfied in your life that’s not entirely based on work.

Maintaining a health

Maintaining a healthy balance between work and life will improve your overall outlook and have a huge impact on how you see your work. Therefore, finding some joy and passion beyond your job can provide you with a brighter outlook at work!
We all desire a profession that is satisfying. However most of us are caught in the trap of finding ourselves unhappy with our jobs after a period of time.


If you’re finding yourself re-entering the same pattern repeatedly you might want to consider taking a deeper look at what’s happening instead of constantly searching for greener grasses. Take this article as a reference, write your list, and get ready to be able to finally feel more at ease with your job situation.